HEYYYY! Long time!

I haven’t been writing much here… I’ve been so busy, and I’m trying to get all organized before school starts so that I can get to writing with earning money in mind. Send good vibes! Lately my writing has been all SERIOUS, all about ‘packing a healthy lunchbox’ (next time: Omelettes!) and how there’s ‘no need to make an appointment for bumps and babies groups!’

Which is great! I’m having so much fun with this! Apart from the stress of responsibility and deadlines of course, which I have to get used to. Still writing at GNM Parents every Tuesday, too.

So, what with all that and being on holidays with hordes of visitors and sunshine and NO child free time, there has been very little blogging. The times I DO want to blog, it’s about HOW MY CHILDREN BEHAVED IN THE SHOE STORE, and THEY ARE TOO BIG FOR THIS TO BE CUTE and all. Really. If you saw a two-year-old lying on the floor in the shoe store waving his legs in the air all ‘LOOK at my new shoes? Can I wear them home!?’ you’d smile, right? But a lanky pair of adolescents? Nuh-uh. I was pissed off, actually.

I would totally tell worse stories about them, but I promised not to embarrass them on the internet any more now they’re all grown up. And yet, they can still embarrass me in Clarks.

And next week, they will go to school looking all fab, with ties straight and shirts tucked in and new shiny polished shoes, and they will behave like fine upstanding gentlemen because I’m not there to embarrass.

There was a little boy in the shoe store today, and I looked at him and said ‘Did you ever think that big boys like that could be so NAUGHTY?’ He shook his head, speechless.

I think we are ALL looking forward to school now. Enough with holidays. Chas and Sam are excited to start all kinds of new activities and have decided they want to do fencing, on top of everything else. I think they are thinking that stabbing at each other with swords every Tuesday evening at school would ROCK.

Schroedinger the snake is doing well and growing, still existing/not existing in his terrarium as it pleases him.

We’ve been doing knot-tying, macrame, braiding things to make rope, using kitchen string and hemp in different colours. Everywhere you look, there is a knot tied to a chair. We are knot experts.

Chas has been doing the Rubik’s Cube. I have been messing it up. He can’t do it in one minute yet, but he did meet someone IN PERSON who can do it in under 30 seconds. Pretty awesome! (I can mess up a Rubik’s Cube entirely in just three seconds. A record!)

We went to the library and brought home a huge heap of books. I will have to do two trips to take them all back.

We’ve watched waay more TV than ever before: top gear, robot wars, ray mears’ survival series, the big bang theory, star trek, DVDs. TV will be covered up with a throw or something from the first day of school, BANNED. Life will go on.

Just in case anyone was really wondering, we DID do the experiment “Does Peanut Butter Remove Lice Eggs As Effectively As It Removes Bubble Gum” and the outcome was “No It Doesn’t”. Which was disappointing. Sam thought we’d be rich for sure. Even if you RUB the peanut butter VIGOROUSLY onto the offending hair, the lice eggs will still be there once you’ve washed out the peanut butter.

We did not look at the peanut butter with our microscope afterwards, because hairy peanut butter and lice, it was just too much for the scientific team.

We intended to try different substances in our ‘Lice Egg Removal’ series of experiments, (bubble gum was a contender…) but alas, we are now lice-free. The boring, tried and tested methods of treating, re-treating, combing through etc are foolproof.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, my life is not dull. Never worry that I might be just sitting here, longing for something to happen. But assume that at any moment, something IS about to happen, and whatever it is, it will not be pretty.

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Things I’ve Found in Pockets

SAND! Lots of!

Train tickets

Bus tickets

Receipts for ice cream

More sand

Sweetie wrappers

Lists that have been washed and become a paper lump.

Summer is almost over! It’s been so good, and we have seen many of the peeps we love most. This week it rained so the boys (and their visiting friends) did macrame. It’s cool because it’s all surfer-ish and knotty and pirates SURELY did macrame on those long journeys. We have cool beads made of bone.

Macrame dudes aside, it’s been awesome. The sun shone in a very beach-town-summery way. The boys are all brown and strong from hiking, wrestling on the sand, climbing and biking. The house is a bit of a mess, but today I started Operation Sort It Out.

School soon, with suits and ties and serious stuff. Haircuts have been had (early, thanks to the Great Lice Crisis of 2010).

Warm memories will keep us through the coming winter months. I’ll be finding sharpeners and bits of chalk in our pockets.

What’s in your pockets at the end of Summer?

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It’s been ONE YEAR since we moved to the UK!

I’m celebrating by having a very normal busy day, including taking one child to the printers to get the Newsletter out. (Worthy of celebration in itself!)

HOWEVER, this weekend is the Bournemouth Air Show! The whole place will be partying with us! Those mad planes will be flying right over our house from Thursday till Sunday. Excitement!

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Lice, the Universe and Everything

We are WINNING the battle against lice! Not only that, we are enjoying the battle! Okay, I’m exaggerating the enjoyment part. But today I found a teeny baby louse and Chas said “Gimme!” stuck it to a piece of clear tape, and set up the digital microscope and they spent a happy hour watching a magnified louse wriggle and wave its legs around. Back-lit, we could see THROUGH all its organs and stuff, including BLOOD pumping around.

We all hate lice even more as a result. They are gross.

When I was inspecting Sam’s head at bedtime, he asked why the eggs don’t just fall out when you comb through. I explained that they hold on with mega awesome glue. He said that all we need then, is a glue-dissolving substance – and suggested that since peanut butter is really good for getting bubble gum out of hair (it IS! we have much experience. works like a charm.) perhaps it might work for lice egg glue? So tomorrow, when we do our egg inspection, IF anyone has any, we’re going to plaster them with peanut butter, by way of experiment.

We’ll let you know the results. If all goes my way, there will be no eggs to experiment on… but there WAS that one tiny louse today. Where was it hiding? Are there more? AAARGH, ITCHY!!!!

Imagine, when a friend called today and said ‘Coming over! Put kettle on!’ I had to say ‘NO! Quarantine! Lice!’ How boring is that? Chas went into the garden and watched baby spiders hatching. He said they flew away! Chas always knows where anything interesting is, in the garden. Sam and Max played and played. We all watched a Harry Potter movie again.

Not a bad day, actually!

For the story of that photo above, you can go to GNM Parents for the usual Tuesday Brilliance. Next week, a sensible article about eradication of lice. Stay tuned!

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All Systems Stop…

We’re home!

And there is so much that I want to write about, that I don’t know how to begin. So, I will go clean up the kitchen instead. I’ll just leave you with a few bullets:

  • We miss Sean and Issa.
  • If you see a family and can’t figure out which ones are the ‘Real’ kids, don’t loudly ask. Nitwits.
  • Boy, we are tired and haven’t really ‘unpacked’ yesterday, just dragged things out of backpacks while looking for other things.
  • Re-treated for lice, as instructed on bottle. Found a few teeeny tiny lice-lings. Will keep checking, but hopefully this is it!
  • Washing every single thing in house, and vacuuming.
  • It’s a sunny day!
  • I am inspired.

Which is good!

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Ooooh, y’all are all itchy now, arentya?

We’re having a ball here in drizzly London, and I thought I’d better just log in and tell the universe that two of the four boys are sporting greazy poisonous hairdos this morning. The rest of us are itching and going AAARGH! Because just the THOUGHT of lice makes you itch… having a person near you who’s got ’em is just about unbearable. Sean went through my hair with the fine-toothed comb and said that I was bug-free. So I doused myself in ti tree oil and started washing stuff in hot water. We’re staying in my cousins’ flat while they are in Spain, so I get to wash everything here and THEN wash everything at home when we get back. Joy! Anyway, it looks like we’re bug-free now. We’ll do a re-douse in a few days. I’ve got a bag of lotions, potions and shampoos to lug around.

We visited many amazing museums and saw many amazing sights, but the thing that impressed the kids the most was Roti Joupa. Trini food in London! Max wants to have all his frinds there for his birthday party next month.

Speaking of amazing sights. Here are some tips for staying sane when holidaying in London:

  • Make an early start. The museums, especially popular stuff like the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum, will be PACKED by lunch time. Most open at ten, and if you get there before eleven you’ll be able to see more and not have to stand in lines. See the dinosaurs FIRST if you’ve got very small kids. They love the realistic T-Rex in his misty forest clearing, and he is not too terrifying. If your kids are older, the rest of the museum is great and the T-Rex is not worth standing in line for an hour to see.
  • The new undersea exhibit is really good. You have to pay to get in but it’s worth it!
  • Pack a picnic. You’ll be out for the entire day, so take sandwiches, snacks and treats. Aim to buy ice cream and one solid meal. Picnic in a park, on the side of the road, on a bench in the museum… anywhere!
  • Take a large pack of wipes for hand cleaning. Them places are dirty!
  • Make sure that everyone is wearing very comfy shoes and socks. Your toes will be stepped on, and you’ve got miles to walk.

NOW, I’d better get organized for another early start, and pack another picnic!

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All Systems Go!

We’re crazy busy here! Heading to London till Tuesday now, and I hope I haven’t missed anything crucial in the blogosphere. Everyone okay out there? We are all happy as pigs in mud here… or as boys in sand, which is even happier.

Seanos is heading back to work soon, so you KNOW I’ll be all over the internet in my lonesomeness. And I might catch up on some work! Eeek!

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