Breaking the Cycle

It’s getting Autumn-ish here, with a definite nip in the air. Chas and Sam had to ride to school in the rain yesterday morning, all rainproofed and snuggly, which they found exciting. Long may the excitement last…

I’ve got all kinds of stuff happening at GNM Parents and on the other Pockets I’m going on about breastfeeding.

In old lady news, Margo is feeling cross and bored, but last night she was to go out to the symphony and she cancelled, because you know when you reach that point that you just can’t be bothered? Poor Margo, being ninety-three is not fun. Today I’ll try to go with her to some old friends for tea… just need to get a playdate after school for Max. He is Mr. Popular so that shouldn’t be too difficult!

I’m catching Margo’s mood, and feeling like WHYYY do I have to cook? I’m sick of cooking. Day in, day out, we cook, and eat, and poop. And wash the dishes and clean the toilet. Many times a day. Geeeze! Can we just break the cycle, people?

So yeah, that’s all here.

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5 Responses to Breaking the Cycle

  1. Krissa says:

    Don’t forget, Do the laundry, Fold the laundry, Put up the laundry, Wear the laundry. Repeat FOREVER!
    I really think my family should consider nudism. 😉

  2. the Mother says:

    The cycle gets annoying. Sometimes we just need to step off. Tell the kids to make their own dinner and head out to the movies. They won’t starve and CPS will not show up. Probably.

  3. aclare says:

    I know exactly how you feel. There are days when I look at the heaps of stuff around the house and think. Why can’t it all just disappear? Why does have to wait for me to do it? Our second bedroom still has boxes everywhere. There are boxes in the lounge. The ironing is still at the same amount since July – even with my desperate attempts to make less of it! It is like the magic porridge pot – it won’t stop producing. It would be really nice to come home and find the entire place spotless and tidy! I can dream!

  4. Bunty is wise. Autumn is a more contemplative time. As for not cooking- how about a crock pot? Each boy could pick a crock pot recipe on one day a week and those three days you wouldn’t have to decide.

  5. Bunty says:

    Take a bus to Compton Acres, The garden in autumn is beautiful with the changing leaves. Wrap up warm and stay and meditate for awhile and enjoy the moment. I think your feeling is cosmic as everyone is feeling that anticlimax after the summer.
    Love love love.

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