The Weekend in Heaps of Stuff

Well it was a rainy Saturday, so we took the chance to do cool crafty stuff!

Yes folks! Chas’ project is a CAR with a motor and four-wheel drive. Note the mega-awesome carved balsa body, the cogs and thingies.

Max’s project is a school one: a Tudor house made of cardboard. I helped with the roof, AND got very enthusiastic and made a person out of a sock and other interesting ingredients. Max still needs to do some more work on the outside walls of the house.

Sam’s project is a sketch animation, and you can see the finished product on YouTube. DO check it out, he worked so hard on it, and got the timing perfect!

Have you EVER seen such a great creative mess?? Me neither.

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7 Responses to The Weekend in Heaps of Stuff

  1. Krissa says:

    How awesome! You’ve got some truly talented kids there! The video was great, as well!
    Now? Get them to clean up the mess from the projects and you go have a hot bath! 😉
    Let’s see a final shot of the completed house!

  2. the Mother says:

    Every junior year, Physics I. The mousetrap vehicle challenge. Dad, boy and many, many small pieces of balsa wood, broken cds, and smashed hopes.

    Oh, and one year, the car. Real one. Totaled. Long story. Best laid plans, and all that rot.

  3. Pappy says:

    Real nice, you Creative Creatures.
    Can the car do wheelies, Chas?
    Love the vid., Sam. Good editing!
    Do you plan to move into the Tudor House, Max? One pill makes you smaller….
    Missing you all…

  4. The end results of all that creativity were wonderful- way to go, Chas, Sam and Max! There’s something very fun about messes leading to things that have never existed before- awesome! Kind of like the beginning of life out of the primordial slime.

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