I’ve never been happy for the holidays to end before… I think that being in a new place, and the boys being kinda grown up, have made us ready for routine again.

Anyway, I’m seriously glad that Monday is nearly here. So are the boys!

Looking handsome aren’t they? Respectable, even. Don’t be fooled.

Max is the only one at primary school now, and I think he’s glad to have the place to himself.

In other news, there’s a GIVEAWAY over on Things I’ve Found in Pockets, the new Terry Pratchett book ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’. Yup, it’s out here. And it’s GOOD. Go check it out. Yes, the old site is being revamped. Who knows what evolutionary process will happen there? You have a say, so get over there and let me know.

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7 Responses to School!

  1. Kath says:

    They look fab! Enjoy the pressed-jacket look. My son stuffs his in his rucksack for the bike ride to school, so it tends not to look quite as smart after about a term. Which house are they in – I can’t tell the colour of the tie-stripe from here!

    • Nan says:

      Kath, they’re in Turner house… and the jackets were stuffed into bags this morning. I said, ‘why bother to take them at all?’ but they have to wear them AT school, so they’re gonna look mighty wrinkly!

  2. Audubon Ron says:


  3. the Mother says:

    They wear suits to school???

    I’m lucky if I stop the torn jeans and too tight t-shirts.

  4. They are looking handsome and so grown up!

  5. Krissa says:


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