Things I’ve Found in Pockets

SAND! Lots of!

Train tickets

Bus tickets

Receipts for ice cream

More sand

Sweetie wrappers

Lists that have been washed and become a paper lump.

Summer is almost over! It’s been so good, and we have seen many of the peeps we love most. This week it rained so the boys (and their visiting friends) did macrame. It’s cool because it’s all surfer-ish and knotty and pirates SURELY did macrame on those long journeys. We have cool beads made of bone.

Macrame dudes aside, it’s been awesome. The sun shone in a very beach-town-summery way. The boys are all brown and strong from hiking, wrestling on the sand, climbing and biking. The house is a bit of a mess, but today I started Operation Sort It Out.

School soon, with suits and ties and serious stuff. Haircuts have been had (early, thanks to the Great Lice Crisis of 2010).

Warm memories will keep us through the coming winter months. I’ll be finding sharpeners and bits of chalk in our pockets.

What’s in your pockets at the end of Summer?

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4 Responses to Things I’ve Found in Pockets

  1. the Mother says:

    There is nothing more fun than finding a ticket stub in a jacket pocket. Memories come flooding back. Love it.

    Maybe that’s why I’m so bad at cleaning out pockets?

  2. melissawest says:

    Receipts for ice cream. Dirt. A frog. Rocks. Quarters. Tokens for an arcade.
    Oh, we have to sort things out here, too. A MESS is what I have!

  3. Krissa says:

    quite recently I pulled out a chapstick. AFTER THE DRYER! ewww. 😉

  4. aclare says:

    It’s the pockets at the beginning of Winter that always amuse me. I once found a five pound note in my coat pocket!

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