Lice, the Universe and Everything

We are WINNING the battle against lice! Not only that, we are enjoying the battle! Okay, I’m exaggerating the enjoyment part. But today I found a teeny baby louse and Chas said “Gimme!” stuck it to a piece of clear tape, and set up the digital microscope and they spent a happy hour watching a magnified louse wriggle and wave its legs around. Back-lit, we could see THROUGH all its organs and stuff, including BLOOD pumping around.

We all hate lice even more as a result. They are gross.

When I was inspecting Sam’s head at bedtime, he asked why the eggs don’t just fall out when you comb through. I explained that they hold on with mega awesome glue. He said that all we need then, is a glue-dissolving substance – and suggested that since peanut butter is really good for getting bubble gum out of hair (it IS! we have much experience. works like a charm.) perhaps it might work for lice egg glue? So tomorrow, when we do our egg inspection, IF anyone has any, we’re going to plaster them with peanut butter, by way of experiment.

We’ll let you know the results. If all goes my way, there will be no eggs to experiment on… but there WAS that one tiny louse today. Where was it hiding? Are there more? AAARGH, ITCHY!!!!

Imagine, when a friend called today and said ‘Coming over! Put kettle on!’ I had to say ‘NO! Quarantine! Lice!’ How boring is that? Chas went into the garden and watched baby spiders hatching. He said they flew away! Chas always knows where anything interesting is, in the garden. Sam and Max played and played. We all watched a Harry Potter movie again.

Not a bad day, actually!

For the story of that photo above, you can go to GNM Parents for the usual Tuesday Brilliance. Next week, a sensible article about eradication of lice. Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to Lice, the Universe and Everything

  1. Wacky Mommy says:

    oh i am so glad we didn’t have a microscope yet when we had bugs.

    Try Cetaphil, with the “lime green label,” if needed.

  2. Krissa says:

    Wow! That is interesting! I am anxious to hear if it works!

  3. Kath says:

    The poison concoctions have never worked for us, but there is a type of nit comb called the Nitty Gritty and it is amazing – it combs the lot out including the eggs. You just comb every other day for a fortnight and you’re done, no nasty chemicals or overnight grease jobs. A tenner from Boots and well worth every penny!

    Just caught up with your summer hols news – we were camping for 2 weeks. The Ginger Nut tried to call as soon as he was back but looks like you guys were in London then. He’ll be in touch again soon!

  4. the Mother says:

    I have heard many, many folk remedies for lice, from peanut butter to mayo.

    I’m guessing the mess isn’t worth bothering, but if you have nothing else to do and it floats your boat, go for it.

    In my residency, one of my specialties was the Black Plague (yeah, you’re shocked, right? History and medicine, whoda thunk?). I gave the lecture and included microscopy of the bad-boy flea. People always started scratching, right then. Hilarious.

  5. aclare says:

    I hate lice!! But they usually go after the second bout of poison. Make sure they haven’t gotten into the carpet or the bedding! Although that’s fleas that do that!! Just reading your article makes my head itch! And I have a sudden urge to wash my hair.

    Arrrghhhh….. hope they are all gone by next weekend or we are staying well away!! =P

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