Ooooh, y’all are all itchy now, arentya?

We’re having a ball here in drizzly London, and I thought I’d better just log in and tell the universe that two of the four boys are sporting greazy poisonous hairdos this morning. The rest of us are itching and going AAARGH! Because just the THOUGHT of lice makes you itch… having a person near you who’s got ’em is just about unbearable. Sean went through my hair with the fine-toothed comb and said that I was bug-free. So I doused myself in ti tree oil and started washing stuff in hot water. We’re staying in my cousins’ flat while they are in Spain, so I get to wash everything here and THEN wash everything at home when we get back. Joy! Anyway, it looks like we’re bug-free now. We’ll do a re-douse in a few days. I’ve got a bag of lotions, potions and shampoos to lug around.

We visited many amazing museums and saw many amazing sights, but the thing that impressed the kids the most was Roti Joupa. Trini food in London! Max wants to have all his frinds there for his birthday party next month.

Speaking of amazing sights. Here are some tips for staying sane when holidaying in London:

  • Make an early start. The museums, especially popular stuff like the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum, will be PACKED by lunch time. Most open at ten, and if you get there before eleven you’ll be able to see more and not have to stand in lines. See the dinosaurs FIRST if you’ve got very small kids. They love the realistic T-Rex in his misty forest clearing, and he is not too terrifying. If your kids are older, the rest of the museum is great and the T-Rex is not worth standing in line for an hour to see.
  • The new undersea exhibit is really good. You have to pay to get in but it’s worth it!
  • Pack a picnic. You’ll be out for the entire day, so take sandwiches, snacks and treats. Aim to buy ice cream and one solid meal. Picnic in a park, on the side of the road, on a bench in the museum… anywhere!
  • Take a large pack of wipes for hand cleaning. Them places are dirty!
  • Make sure that everyone is wearing very comfy shoes and socks. Your toes will be stepped on, and you’ve got miles to walk.

NOW, I’d better get organized for another early start, and pack another picnic!

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7 Responses to LICE!

  1. Wacky Mommy says:

    well you sure handled the bugs with a more chipper spirit than i had, haha. sounds like you had a lot of fun, even with ’em!

  2. Oh no! Hope the lice go away quickly and that no one else get them…..blech!!

  3. lceel says:

    I love me a bunch of London. Or I love London a bunch. One or the other. or both. Although climbing to the top of the dome of St. Paul’s was not anything I’m liable to do again. Not for the faint of heart – or those with heart issues.

  4. melissawest says:

    OH NO! How lousy.
    Those London museums…they are truly a gem.

  5. Sharon Burford says:

    gyad….I am itching just reading that! Hope all your bugs depart forthwith!

  6. the Mother says:


    The bane of mothers everywhere.

    If there were ever an argument for the eradication of a species to benefit mankind, this would be it. Alas, we’re barely keeping up.

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