All Systems Go!

We’re crazy busy here! Heading to London till Tuesday now, and I hope I haven’t missed anything crucial in the blogosphere. Everyone okay out there? We are all happy as pigs in mud here… or as boys in sand, which is even happier.

Seanos is heading back to work soon, so you KNOW I’ll be all over the internet in my lonesomeness. And I might catch up on some work! Eeek!

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4 Responses to All Systems Go!

  1. Sharon Burford says:

    Love the photo..the boyos look so happy..all that is missing is Mikey! sob sniff….(and me!) Don’t want to imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the airport tomorrow…. 😦

  2. Krissa says:

    Well, have a ball for me, too!
    Those boys look delirious with the happy!

  3. Audubon Ron says:

    Yep, I’m good. Good here.

  4. melissawest says:

    Have fun in London! (So jealous. Very very jealous.)

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