Helpful Parenting Tips of the Week

1) If you have had guests and the accompanying laundry disaster, and your washing machine has sprung a leak, and the repair guy says it will cost a meeeelion dollars to fix? It is completely okay not to wash everyone’s sheets this week. No-one will die and in fact, the four boys will not even notice. For your own bed, a quick shake to get most of the sand out will suffice.

2) Stick a sign over the toilet that says:


Raise Seat

Pee directly into the water you see there. If you appear to be spraying off to one side, stop and try again.

Close toilet.

Flush if necessary.

Thank You!

Amazingly, this sign has made a huge difference in my life. Lectures and rants were but the buzzing of midges to the denizens of the household, but a sign? Very effective. I’m ignoring the mutterings about “Sarcastic Parents”.

3) It’s time for a brand-new washing machine/dryer. The two-in-one type, cause I will only use the dryer in the very depths of the winter gloom. What’s the BEST brand in the UK?

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11 Responses to Helpful Parenting Tips of the Week

  1. melissawest says:

    Oh no! What is it with appliances KNOWING when you need them NOT TO DIE??? The Momvan, which we’re about to take to South Dakota in two weeks, has decided to quit cruise control, permanently shut the back hatch, and kill the air conditioning. Timing.

    I’d love the signs, but my youngest cannot read yet and he’s the worst. Of course, I could train him to “go” outside;)

  2. Wacky Mommy says:

    oh! washer. we had a ten-year-old Kenmore, top loader, worked great, the dryer, too, never a problem. at the new place we have a Kenmore Fancy Front Loader that is moldy and gross around the edges. the end. I wish I could swap for the old one.

    • Nan says:

      EEEW mold! And for some reason, THAT mold doesn’t come out, no matter how much bleach you slap onto the rubber bits. They just stay eew. Why?

      My NEEEEW washer will have no mold atall.

  3. Wacky Mommy says:

    heh heh heh heh heh. i was going to say something else but i forget what it was 😉

  4. the Mother says:

    Yeah, but for a sign to work, one has to presuppose that the kid is not peeing while gaming.

    Four boys, and three bathroom floors that need replacing.

    • Nan says:

      I have BANNED peeing while gaming. Otherwise certain young men just sit on the toilet and play DS, oblivious to the line of desperate bladders outside the door! I am such a despot.

  5. aclare says:

    Oh and that is a Meeeeeelion POUNDS dear sister! I won’t tell my husband! Heheee =)

  6. aclare says:

    I thought you bought a new one already. Anyway mine is a Hotpoint Aquarius and I love it. I even managed to wash my wedding dress in there perfectly. It also has a an Eco cycle that washes the clothes perfectly fine and uses less water and power than a standard wash. The fastwash only takes an hour and again everything is fine. Mine does not have a dryer function but I have never needed it. But I would go with Hotpoint anything any day – we have bought our dishwasher from them too (Aquarius +). I figured anything with Water in the title should be good. Whirlpool and Bosh are supposed to be good and Miele (if you are feeling rich) is also a good brand – Ina bought all her appliances from them. But basically anything that is £250 plus is good and stick to well known brands. We went into Currys and looked at them all and compared different components. Then we selected the ones we liked best in our price range and looked them up on the internet for reviews. Then we went back to Currys and purchased the one we thought best. They should be able to connect it for you and take away the old one as well so you don’t have to worry about that. Get a delivery time during the week – sometimes the weekend delivery guys are a little unreliable.

    And with the sign. It is true. It’s like a mark of Authority. I once had to translate
    “please do not pee on the seat” into Polish for our site staff. Strange but true!

    • Nan says:

      Oh, we DID buy another washer, but it was another second-hand one and NOW WE KNOW WHY THEY WERE SELLING! It was a bad decision.

  7. Krissa says:

    OHMIGAWD! Seriously? The sign thing works?!?!
    I am aaaaaaall over it!

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