Man, I Totally Thought Today Was Thursday

Which is pretty alliterative.

We have had a houseful! Many cousins, sand in the beds, and enormous meals with thirteen of us squozed around the table. I was thinking that our house really expands well. We have a TRULY COMFY sofa bed in the living room, and that room becomes a great guest suite. (My sister made me buy that sofa for its comfort, and everyone says it’s astonishingly comfy. We got it at IKEA, after pulling out every sofa in the place and lying on them. We got some funny looks, Ailis and I, but it was worth it!)

We also have a large kitchen, with an extendible table which has a bench along the wall side. You can fit a pretty infinite number of kids on a bench: just keep pushing them on at one end!

So in spite of the large number of people in the house, no-one was uncomfortable (except maybe the kid at the other end of the bench). Fun was had. Loooove was spread. Wine was consumed at not-very-sensible hours of the day.

And I seriously lost track of time! Now our guests have moved on: Some to a festival further down the coast (with tents and wellies) and some to continue their vacation (but our sofa is so comfy they might come back) and we’re having post-party syndrome here. A bit tired and eyeing the laundry heap askance.

I’ve got an article at GNM Parents (what do you think of motherhood versus career, my readers?), and a book review on the old blog. Thinking of keeping book reviews there, what say you? It’s a great site, I don’t want to let it go idle. I haven’t really ‘set up’ this new site properly yet, you may have noticed! When I’m not so busy (husband and 4 boys on holiday, visitors, back-to-school issue of newsletter due out BEFORE school eek!) I will fix it up all nice!

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3 Responses to Man, I Totally Thought Today Was Thursday

  1. Krissa says:

    Eee Gads! The laundry! When you’ve had company it’s so much larger a pile than normal, too! And the house is a wreck and there is muddy footprints all over the floor and piles of dirty dishes and no food in the pantry, and the bathrooms need cleaning and …. You sure do have a great time, though. Well worth it!

  2. aclare says:

    Yes when it comes comfort I am an expert. Just remember the story of the Princess and the Pea! Now I am looking forward to Motherhood, and since I don’t have a career as such, I am looking forward to Motherhood being my career!

  3. the Mother says:

    Actually, today is Friday. I know you guys in the UK got so hopelessly confused one year that you had to take 12 days off the calendar, but, gheez, you’ve got computers now to keep track for you.

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