Last night Sean and I went OUT! And while we were out, we realised that our babysitter is only a few years older than the kids… which means that we are old. We were hoping we’d be asked for ID at the bar, at least, but no.

This morning I staggered out of bed and set my nest up on the sofa, cushions and magazine… went to get a cup of tea and the boys had infiltrated my space and turned on the TV! I muttered at them about it being too early, and ‘shhhh..’ so they turned off the TV, picked up a pinecone and sat very quietly in a circle ‘contemplating the pinecone of enlightenment’.

I ignored them, because weirdness does not disturb me. Now they are having a chess tournament. Which involves two at a time playing chess, one banging on the drums, and one sketching a brick house with many bricks.

I think that for peace and quiet, I’m going to have to get up reeeeal early. I have set my alarm for tomorrow! I’ve done this before, and it’s a good system: get up before the rest of the family for an hour or two of having-the-sofa-to-myself.

In other news, The Unpacking Of Many Boxes is filling me with joy! We’ve all been going through old photos, finding treasures, and vacuuming up shredded paper and then finding more shredded paper. We were knee-deep in shredded paper at one point! And it’s really good to have a coffee table and stuff.

Chas is trying to pick up pentago marbles with a chopstick. Will he do it?

I’d better go and make pancakes…

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One Response to Rrrrgh…

  1. Ailis says:

    Well here we are in a new home. Seems to be the season for moving and unpacking. We are down to one room to be unpacked. So far anything we didn’t know what to do with went into the spare room. Anyway, the joys of unpacking! It is so much fun!!

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