Housewarming Party!

Things I’ve Found in Pockets

It’s all systems GO here at chez Nan – the washing machine broke down, the SHIPPERS ARRIVED, the four boys are on holiday from TODAY, boxes and shredded paper and fragile ornaments perched upon stacks of WHY did we bring so many books GOOD GRIEF, we made four batches of fudge for the NCT sale (watch out for the shredded paper) and FULL STOPS ARE FOR NERDS! Welcome to Nan’s Pockets on WordPress!

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2 Responses to Housewarming Party!

  1. Chennette says:

    congrats on the move!
    and unpacking shipping boxes…I do not envy!

  2. Nan says:

    Ahhh, good vibes! There are fireworks at the pier, the boys are out on the road whooping! See, my housewarming party has FIREWORKS!

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