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Helpful Parenting Tips of the Week

1) If you have had guests and the accompanying laundry disaster, and your washing machine has sprung a leak, and the repair guy says it will cost a meeeelion dollars to fix? It is completely okay not to wash everyone’s … Continue reading

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Man, I Totally Thought Today Was Thursday

Which is pretty alliterative. We have had a houseful! Many cousins, sand in the beds, and enormous meals with thirteen of us squozed around the table. I was thinking that our house really expands well. We have a TRULY COMFY … Continue reading

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Photos! Of Trees!

Much climbing of trees! These boys are awesome.

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Hiking, lying under a tree and having picnics…

Yesterday we went to Brownsea Island. When we got there Sean and I said “BYE, BOYS!!” and off they went with two backpacks full of picnic. Brownsea Island is an ISLAND, yo, so we figured they couldn’t get very lost. … Continue reading

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Last night Sean and I went OUT! And while we were out, we realised that our babysitter is only a few years older than the kids… which means that we are old. We were hoping we’d be asked for ID … Continue reading

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Housewarming Party!

Things I’ve Found in Pockets It’s all systems GO here at chez Nan – the washing machine broke down, the SHIPPERS ARRIVED, the four boys are on holiday from TODAY, boxes and shredded paper and fragile ornaments perched upon stacks … Continue reading

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